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Updated: 3 Jun., 2018

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Pool Care Tips...
Here's a few tips that you can perform yourself to help keep your pool safe, clean and trouble free.

Tip 1
Always try to maintain proper water level which is half way up the skimmer opening. If your water level is too low, there is a danger that the pump may run dry and might even cause costly damage. If the water level is too high, it will prevent proper skimming action. Also make sure that you have a working skimming weir in place. Proper water level and a working skimmer weir will help keep the surface of your pool cleaner. This tip will let your pool work for you so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Tip 2
Check and empty skimmer and pump baskets regularly, this will optimize water flow through your filtration system. When you empty the pump basket, check the condition of the lid o-ring. If it is worn replace it, if it is in good condition clean and lube it. This will prevent air leaks which can lead to costly repairs. We can also provide this service for you if you like. Just give us a call.

Tip 3
Always try to keep your filter clean, this will help optimize the amount of water going through your system. Most residential pools are equipped with cartridge filters. They are easily cleaned with a garden hose and pressure nozzle. If your filter has a single cartridge, we recommend monthly cleaning. If you have a quad (4 cartridges in the filter), twice a year is usually adequate. If you have a sand or de filter, they should be backwashed as needed. We strongly recommend replacing them when possible with a cartridge filter, they are much easier to maintain and waste less water. We can also provide this service for you if you like. Just give us a call.

If you follow these basic steps and maintain good water chemistry your pool will do much of the cleaning for you. Obviously if you have trees around the pool that will create more work, but this makes it more important to follow these rules.

Remember this:
To calculate how many gallons are in a rectangular pool, multiply the length by the width by the average depth of the pool by 7.5.